Samples: Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Samples: Sheet Vinyl Flooring




Samples are approx. 30cm x 15cm and are intended to demonstrate colour and finish

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Granada, Ronda Black, Ronda Grey, Ronda Blue, Cubes Black, Cubes Yellow, Fez Dark, Fez Light, Fez Bright, Asilah Red, Asilah Blue, White Dots, Hex, Stripes Bright, Stripes Muted, Seville, Cadiz, Raval 1, Raval 2, Raval 3, Raval 4, Raval 5, Faro, Tavira, Oran 1, Oran 2, Oran 3, Oran 4, Oran 5, Rustic 1, Rustic 2, White Fez, Cubes Blue, Cubes Grey, Tantan 1, Tantan 2, Marine 1, Marine 2, Safi 1, Safi 2, Marine 3


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