We Source Beautiful Floors From A Range Of Suppliers

Welcome to Feature Floors, where we find exciting new ways to completely transform your home without breaking the bank. We have discovered a range of different materials and styles that will create unique statement floors and tiles for any space.  We are not an online store but a signposting service. We earn a small commission from sales made via the links on our site.

If you’re tired of wood and stone, we have a range of textures and patterns to set you apart from the crowd and ensure that your space stands out as truly individual. Not sure what you’re looking for? There are so many different types of vinyl, laminate and tiled feature floors. So whether you prefer exotic, eye-catching patterns, or subtle graphic design, we have something to suit you.

Vinyl Feature Floor Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are an easy way to add some oomph to your home. Why not try a feature floor in your home? You can visit our inspiration page to see new and exciting ways to incorporate bold colours and designs into any space through eye-catching tiles.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring & Rugs

For a more graphic look, you can add a statement vinyl rug to any room. Our rugs are created by Hidraulik of Barcelona, a leading brand with a flair for mixing classic style and contemporary twists to create beautiful pieces. Available in three sizes at competitive prices, we can find the vinyl rug that is the perfect fit for your floor.

Feature Laminate Flooring

When our customers think laminate flooring, they’re not often thinking of individual design. Traditional laminate works with dull grey, or generic wooden print, but here at Feature Floors we think laminate should be bold and eye-catching, ideal for use in the modern home. Explore our range of hard wearing, high quality printed laminate inspired by traditional Moroccan style today and be amazed by the options we have on offer.

Ceramic and Porcelain Feature Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, our ceramic and porcelain tiles are unbeatable in terms of cost and style. Our tiles are incredibly durable, and can be combined to create unique feature floors, or statement wall art if you’re feeling creative! Browse our range of colours and shapes to find the tile that’s right for you and your space.