6 Reasons to choose vinyl floor tiles


Vinyl floor tiles are the quickest and easiest way to totally transform a room. If you’re considering a new floor for any space in your home, please allow us to point out some of the advantages of vinyl floor tiles over their more established rivals. Here at Feature Floors, after 10 years and thousands of orders, we like to think we know just a little bit about it!

Price. Vinyl floor tiles, despite their luxurious appearance are actually an inexpensive option compared to their chief rival – ceramic floor tiles. To even get close to the vivid and striking affect one can get with vinyl tiles, one will need to spend double on ceramic or porcelain floor tiles. And that’s before one has even considered…..

Ease. Vinyl floor tiles are self adhesive. Once you have the correct surface in place, the paper peels off the back of the tile and they stick down. There’s no adhesive to spread on the floor and no grout to apply afterwards. Where installing a ceramic tiled floor needs confidence and skill, laying self adhesive vinyl floor tiles is well within the scope of the Do it Yourselfer. Click here to see the comprehensive instructions we include with each order.

Design. Here at Feature Floors we decided long ago that the market for imitation wood and stone effect vinyl was already very well served. We were very much take by the colourful, striking designs we found at Zazous and apart from stocking those we hunted out some equally vivid and striking designs from the Americans at Floorpops. If it’s colour and vibrancy you like, then vinyl is the way to go.

Maintenance. Once you have installed your vinyl floor tiles they will need looking after. Here again, they shine when compared to their rivals because the only thing one needs to do to maintain a vinyl tiled floor is an occasional cleaning with mop, bucket and hot soapy water. Easy!

Durability. Despite being inexpensive, vinyl floor tiles are surprisingly robust. Due to their composition and hard finish they are well able to withstand impacts from falling objects and will not dent. The wear layer is equally durable and will take years of abrasion through foot traffic with no ill effect.

Despite being a product intended for domestic use only, we know of several instances where our vinyl floor tiles have been installed in commercial premises and are still going strong after several years.

Temporary Applications. One benefit often overlooked with self adhesive vinyl floor tiles is the fact they can be removed without damaging the surface on which they were laid. If you are renting and do not appreciate the laminate or ceramic flooring you have in place, then vinyl floor tiles can be stuck directly to it and crucially, they can also be removed when it’s time to move on.

Any glue that gets left behind will wipe off with WD40 and kitchen towel. Your landlord will never know and you won’t lose your deposit!

So there it is. Six reasons why vinyl floor tiles beat the opposition. They look great, they last great, they’re easy to fit and don’t need any looking after beyond a clean with a mop and bucket. So don’t delay, order your sample today!

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