Customer Pictures

Here is a selection of photo’s we’ve been sent by customers. We are always very grateful for any pictures we receive.

Please note, some of these products may be out of stock or may have been discontinued.

Granada Grey Sheet Vinyl in a groovy galley kitchen

Ruskin Blue Sheet Vinyl

Granada Black Sheet Vinyl in a blue loo

Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles

havana night vinyl floor tiles customer photo

Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles again

havana night vinyl floor tiles customer photo

Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles in a Florists

havana night vinyl floor tiles customer photo

Seville Sheet Vinyl Flooring

seville sheet vinyl customer photo

Sorzano Original Vinyl Floor Tiles

sorzano original customer photo

More wonderful customers beavering away during lockdown. Why not join them!
Sorzano Original in a groovy kitchen
Comet Vinyl floor tiles in a lovely loo
Customers have been taking advantage of the recommended stay-at-home to indulge in a little DIY. Here are some of the results!
Happily guarded by a Newfoundland..
And some Comet vinyl floor tiles in a hallway

Granada Black in cool kitchen!

Sorzano Original once again

A medley of our popular vinyl floor tiles cunningly arranged in patchwork fashion to make an inexpensive yet striking focal point to this South Coast Bar
Granada Black & Sorzano Original. Thanks again and keep them coming!

Granada Grey in an LA loo!

3 great pics featuring Ronda Black in a very individual kitchen refurb!

Sorzano Sage vinyl floor tiles making this bathroom look extremely stylish

Ruskin White Sheet Vinyl Flooring playing a vital role in this Spanish shop refit

Raval 1 Sheet Vinyl Flooring divided up and used for decorating stair risers – effective and  inventive. And yes, the cat is wearing a jumper

Granada Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Ronda Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sorzano Original in a Dutch Hallway

Sorzano Sage vinyl floor tiles

Seville sheet vinyl flooring in a cool Californian kitchen

Sorzano Original in Scottish Barbers

2 views of Havana Night as featured in a Zoe Olivia Blog bathroom makeover article.

Granada Black looking good in a Californian kitchen

Seville Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Cubes Grey Sheet Vinyl Flooring

granada customer 3

Granada Sheet Vinyl Flooring

red stars splashback

Bit of a cheat… Manufacturers pic!   Red Stars Vinyl Floor Tiles as a splashback

granada customer 2

Granada Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Customer Raval 2
Raval 2 Sheet Vinyl Flooring

seville customer

Seville Sheet Vinyl Flooring

casa customer 2

casablanca customer
Casablanca Vinyl Floor Tiles
Rosemary Vinyl Floor Tiles (discontinued I’m afraid)
rose des vents customer
Bali Red Vinyl Floor Tiles
customer faro
Faro Sheet Vinyl Flooring
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