Customer Pictures

Here are a selection of photo’s we’ve been sent by customers. We are always very grateful for any pictures we receive. Please note, some of these products may be out of stock or have been discontinued.

Cubes Grey Sheet Vinyl Flooring

granada customer 3

Granada Sheet Vinyl Flooring

red stars splashback

Bit of a cheat… Manufacturers pic!   Red Stars Vinyl Floor Tiles as a splashback

granada customer 2

Granada Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Customer Raval 2
Raval 2 Sheet Vinyl Flooring

seville customer

Seville Sheet Vinyl Flooring

casa customer 2

casablanca customer
Casablanca Vinyl Floor Tiles


Rosemary Vinyl Floor Tiles (discontinued I’m afraid)
rose des vents customer
Bali Red Vinyl Floor Tiles
customer faro
Faro Sheet Vinyl Flooring
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