Trinidad, Cuba – Frozen Colonial Dream

We are always searching for inspiration for our next flooring design. A good place to look is anywhere that has some kind of connection with the western Mediterranean – Morocco, Spain and Portugal. This is the small town of Trinidad in Cuba, a Spanish colonial town unusual in its preservation even in this famously time-warped Caribbean nation.

Fortunes amassed by Spanish sugarcane farmers led to the construction of public buildings and mansions that are preserved enough to give the town and it’s surroundings UNESCO world heritage status since 1988. Grand interiors and encaustic tiled floors from the 19th century have survived the decades and dazzle still today

It is perhaps fortunate that although the grand homes may have faded a little, there has never been enough money for the comprehensive redevelopment that would likely happen elsewhere so plenty of floor tiles have survived to the present.









Tourism now forms a great part of the local economy and one can easily experience these colonial homes first hand by staying in one! has numerous hostals available for the discerning design conscious tourist. If you see a floor tile design not shown here. Please take a photo for us!



…and have yourself a mojito!

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