Airbnb For Floor Tile Inspiration

We usually turn to Interior Design magazines and blogs for our inspiration but there is a whole world of fabulous design to peruse on sites like Airbnb. Take a look at these gems!

Tile House, Johsua Tree, California

Not for the faint-hearted this is a beautiful jewel of a house created with the abundant use of tile on every available surface. WOW!

Master bedroom ©2o17 Hannah Smith

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Nicely Tiled Apartment, Beirut

I have never seen tiles like these before. I would love to reproduce these. I think I need to go to the Lebanon.


Architect’s Raval Apartment, Barcelona

What a stunning pad this would make for a city getaway in beautiful Barcelona. Original tiles to die for with modern design touches and vintage furniture. When can I stay?

Tiles Apartment, Lisbon

Beautiful Portuguese Azulejos tiles adorn the walls of this light and airy Lisbon apartment. Love the use of the sunny yellow with the sky blue. A little slice of summer!

Living Room