Frank Lloyd Wright AirBnB on Lake Michigan

In the small town of Two Rivers on the shores of Lake Michigan is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house from 1940. You can stay there. We did. 

The house was designed for a Life Magazine article in 1938 to demonstrate a ‘dream house‘ intended for a forward thinking American family with an income of $5-6,000 a year. The house was eventually built more or less to that design 2 years later for local businessman Bernard Schwartz who lived in the house with his family until 1971.

The house is extremely original, all of the 1940 bathroom fittings remain (and work just fine) and the house is reputed to have the oldest working underfloor heating system in the US. We were not able to test that theory as we were there in August. There is no air con but among the many period accessories are some pretty lethal art-deco electric fans. Watch your fingers.

A combination of exposed brick, polished concrete floor and extensive wooden paneling combined with high ceilings and large windows make the home feel simultaneously cozy and airy. A neat trick. The pierced wooden blinds at clerestory level and the galleried landing also lend the house a sophisticated air. We didn’t have the cigarette holders so had to make do with gin and tonics…

We enjoyed our 2 nights there very much indeed and can definitely recommend the house, Two Rivers in general and the Susie Q fish market too!