Choosing The Right Floor

Which Floor Is Right For Me?

Vinyl Floor Tiles: Vinyl floor tiles are the easiest solution if you want a dramatic transformation on a

budget – they are fully a DIY product. One thing to consider is you will need a subfloor of sealed

plywood in place and this will add to the cost and installation time but once the ply is in place the

tiles can be installed very quickly.

Sheet vinyl: Still a low cost/high value solution, sheet vinyl offers the added benefit of having fewer

joins (none in a small space) and a slightly cushioned feel underfoot. Sheet vinyl is slightly more

involved in installation than vinyl floor tiles but is still well within the scope of the DIYer.

Laminate Flooring: No special subfloor is needed beyond a layer of foam underlay so of all the

products it is perhaps the fastest solution and the lack of special preparation needed will bring the

cost down greatly and so it could actually be the least expensive option. Our laminate flooring is very

much a cut above the typical high street product and is guaranteed for 25 years in a domestic setting

– the protective layer is immensely tough. The product clicks together simply and if you can master a

mitre saw you have all the skills you need.

Ceramic Tiles: We have gone to great lengths to find ceramic floor tiles that can provide the

durability and finish of a fired surface but at a price that won’t break the bank. If care is taken in

installation, a ceramic tiled floor will last indefinitely in a domestic environment.