Choosing The Right Floor: Which Floor Is Right For Me?


Choosing the right floor is an important decision. Firstly it is going to change the look of the room significantly and will impact other design decisions in that room. Do you want a bold patterned floor that will be the manin feature of the room? Or do you have strong design elements on the walls and furnishings so the floor needs to blend in? How much traffic will the room be dealing with? Do you need something very durable? Or maybe it is a rental property and you need a quick, cheap fix. Is it a bathroom floor and you need a water resistant floor? Read more about all the options below to help inform your decision.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are the easiest solution if you want a dramatic transformation on a budget – they are fully a DIY product. One thing to consider is you will need a smooth and level subfloor. We recommend sealed plywood if your current subfloor is not suitable. And this will of course add to the cost and installation time. But once the ply is in place the tiles can be installed very quickly.

They are hardwearing and can withstand quite a lot of abuse. The most important element is ensuring that they adhere well when laid. Apply plenty of pressure with the tile roller and ensure they are not too cold for the glue to work properly. If you do have any issues with lifting you can apply a little bit of extra glue and press back down again. And if a couple of tiles do get damaged they can be pried up with a putty knife and replaced.

When ordering, make sure to order 10% extra to allow for wastage.

  • Terrazzo White Vinyl Floor Tiles
    Terrazzo White Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Opaline Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles
    Opaline Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles.
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  • hallway floor tiles
    Stellar Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles.
  • medina floorpops vinyl floor tiles
    Medina Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles.
  • luxury kitchen flooring
    Altair Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles.
  • Gothic Hallway Tiles
    Gothic Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Still a low cost/high value solution, sheet vinyl offers the added benefit of having fewer joins (none in a small space) and a slightly cushioned feel underfoot. Sheet vinyl is aslightly more involved installation than vinyl floor tiles but is still well within the scope of the DIYer.

It is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and can withstand a great deal of water and spillages. However, due to it’s cushioned backing it is vulnerable to being torn and gouged if treated roughly. Don’t drag washing machines or drag any heavy items with sharp corners across it.

It also provides a great scope for interesting designs. It’s a great way of creating the look of an encaustic tiles floor without the expense. And so much easier to lay. For a full guide to laying sheet vinyl click here.

  • Edwardian Stat Mustard sheet vinyl flooring
    Edwardian Star Mustard Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Fes Blue Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Fes Blue Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Mid Century Emerald Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Mid Century Emerald Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Mid Century Quartz Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Mid Century Quartz Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Raval 5 Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Raval 5 Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Granada Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Granada Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Ronda Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    Ronda Black Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Laminate Flooring

No special subfloor is needed beyond a layer of foam underlay so of all the products it is perhaps the fastest solution if you have a rough subfloor to cover. The lack of special preparation needed will bring the cost down greatly and so it could actually be the least expensive option.

The higher quality laminates have a protective layer that is immensely tough so durability is great.

The product clicks together simply and if you can master a mitre saw you have all the skills you need and you can lay it easily.

  • Hayfield Grey Oak Laminate Flooring
    Hayfield Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

Ceramic Tiles

We have gone to great lengths to find ceramic floor tiles that can provide the durability and finish of a fired surface but at a price that won’t break the bank. If care is taken in installation, a ceramic or encaustic tiled floor will last indefinitely in a domestic environment.

Remember when choosing the right floor to price those installation costs. They can double to cost of a tiles floor as it is a skilled job. Unless you are very confident these will require professional installation. Definitely not the cheapest or easiest option. But the style and quality are worth every penny if you want a high end finish.

Real Wood

Sometimes classic is best. Real wood flooring can always be sanded and refinished if it’s taken a bashing so it can last forever. In fact it gains character with age.

Laying a tongue and groove wood floor is actually relatively straightforward. The most important part is making sure the subfloor is suitable and ensuring the level of humidity in the room. And ensure the subfloor and the wood itself is acceptable. The wood needs to be acclimatized to the temperature in the room for at least seven days before you lay it. All of this is vital to ensure it doesn’t swell or shrink after laying. Remember a gap will be required around the perimeter of your installation to allow for expansion. The correct expansion gap for wood flooring is 10-12mm.

There are some beautiful choices for real wood flooring available. Herringbone parquet has been on trend for the last few years and looks fabulous in any room in the house. Ideally choose a wood flooring that has a bit of texture and character. If you’re paying the extra for real wood you want it to look real!

  • W by Woodpecker Garden Light Oak Solid Wood Flooring
    W by Woodpecker Garden Light Oak Solid Wood Flooring

Did that help you with choosing the right floor for you? Remember to consider your budget, your abilities at laying flooring and whether you want a feature floor or something that creates a subtly backdrop for other features in the room.