Kikko Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles - Peel & stick - Easy to install

Kikko Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles


Kikko Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tile: £16 per 0.93 m2

Kikko Floorpops vinyl floor tiles are striking yet subtle and the cool, clean modern lines will fit in just abut anywhere

Price is per pack. Each pack is 0.93 M2.

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Kikko Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles

Kikko Floorpops Vinyl Floor Tiles are stylish and very easy to lay. However, as with most things, the preparation is all-important. Our tiles need to be laid on sealed plywood for a smooth finish and to ensure adhesion. Click here for full instructions.

Update your floor with a peel and stick vinyl flooring that is functional and easy to lay.
An easy to fit, easy to clean, hardwearing, serviceable and economical floorcovering. Suitable for any room in the house or any domestic location.

  • Easy to install, product is easily cut with a utility knife
  • Peel and stick installation means there is no need for any additional glue
  • Little to no mess when installing – no dust or wood splinters
  • Beautiful colour and design pattern to bring life to any room

Vinyl floor tiles are cut from rolls of printed vinyl and are impossible to cut to millimetre perfection. This means that the when laying them the pattern will not line up perfectly. We feel that this echoes the natural style of the handmade ceramic tiles that these are designed to emulate but we do advise that you take some from the packs and see if you are happy with the anomaly before you proceed to lay the tiles as we can only take returns on undamaged packs of tiles.

Price is per pack. 10 tiles per pack

Each tile measures:-
size 305mm x 305mm
thickness 1.2mm
protection layer 0.07mm

Maintaining vinyl flooring is hassle-free and requires no specialised techniques. These hints and tips will keep your floor looking its best.

  • Remove loose debris, dust and dirt with sweeping or vacuuming.
  • Hot soapy water and a mop and bucket are all that is required for general cleaning. Bicarbonate of soda can also be useful with tougher stains.
  • For very stubborn stains, bleach or vinegar are both effective and will not harm the vinyl. Start with diluted solutions and build up the concentration as necessary. If you have had a disaster with tomato ketchup (or similar) that is proving very, very stubborn then leaving a bleach soaked towel on the affected area overnight will fix the issue.
  • Vinyl flooring is non-absorbent so any spilt liquids will sit on the surface. This can ultimately damage the floor if left for very long periods but more importantly, it can cause a slip hazard. Clean up immediately with a mop and bucket or a damp cloth.



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 1.5 cm


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